Luxury Living Room Interior Ideas For Homes

When we think about luxury, the one stereotypical image that comes to mind is a Victorian style living room with all the grandeur fit for a king. Although that image is the epitome of luxury, the concept of luxury can differ from person to person.

And that’s exactly why we have this article here to help you explore! If you are planning to remodel your living room anytime soon, and want a twist of luxury then these ideas by the experienced designers at Shree Vidhatte are sure to inspire you.

Here Are A Few Luxury Interior Design Ideas For Living Room

Boho Chic Luxury 

Luxury can be free-spirited too. Contrary to popular belief, Bohemian style is all about expressing your inner free-spirit. Add elements that make you feel right at home. To start with, comfortable sofas, lots of cushions, family pictures, fluffy rugs, neutral colour tones, bright furniture and plants can help you bring the look together.

Classic Farmhouse 


Classic farmhouse is a blend of traditional mixed with chic and country. The idea is mix and match and not have the same theme throughout. Think of vintage furniture, lots of cushions, tasteful mix of paintings and comfortable sofas all strategically positioned to create a picture-perfect farmhouse look.

Hollywood Vintage 

Vintage is a timeless theme. Combining vintage with the elegance of old-style Hollywood can give you that desired vintage luxury. You can achieve this look through rustic furniture, ambient lights, a chandelier, dark or beige colour tones, black and white pictures, antiques, plants etc.

Mid- Century Modern

Modern mid-century style is all about being classic.  The goal here is to maintain nostalgia with a hint of modernity. For this look you can play with textures and colourful tones like reds, oranges and blues. Elements like modern sofas, rustic or modern functional tables, plants, colourful rugs and elegant wall pictures can compliment the look.

Rustic Elegance 

Rustic interiors are all about comfort. It’s the picture-perfect winter season look. You can start by using wood for both flooring and walls, wooden table, old framed photographs, ambient lights, a fireplace, heavy and fluffy cotton rugs, steel chairs and plants. When assorted strategically, they paint an elegant picture.

Final Thoughts

What’s the best thing about luxury? It needs to cater to YOUR desires.Your living room should define your definition of luxury. This will allow you to play with trends and ideas to fit your picture of comfort.

As one of the best interior designer companies in Mumbai, we at Shree Vidhatte help you create the living room of your dreams. Get in touch with us for residential interior design services!