Add A Festive Touch To Your Home This Dussehra With These Tips

Dussehra is all about celebrations, sweets, gold and fun. With Navratri in full swing, people are in total festive mode. With such festivities, it’s important for your home to make a mark with beautiful decoration.

If you are running out of ideas on what to do this year, then here are some easy interior decoration tips for your home.

Grand Entrance 

Your entryway is the crux of your decoration, how you welcome people defines the extravagance that you want to portray to your guests. You can start with flower rangolis and diyas or even small candles in a large bowl. Don’t forget to add intricate torans a.k.a wall hangings in your foyer. You can also replace your photo frames with more traditional Indian paintings to create that aura.

Renew The Old


Diwali is an occasion of new beginnings. This also applies to your home decor. You can renew old wallpaper with new decorative ones or paint the walls with bright colours to compliment the festive season. If you want to go all out, why not paint the entire house with beautiful colour coded hues?

Apart from this, it’s also a great opportunity to replace old furniture with new pieces like new bed headboards with fabric finish headboard patterns or the cover of your sofas.

An Eye For Detail 

Details matter. How you arrange little details to compliment your decor plays an important role in your overall look. Little things like having ethnic cushion covers for your chairs and sofas, ethnic trays and cutlery, placement of diyas and marigold wall hangings, planters and photo frames make a whole lot of difference.

Light Up! 

For a lot of people, Dussehra is like a pre-Diwali bonanza. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t go all out and prepare your home like you would for Diwali. Light up your home with twinkling lights on the walls and entryway. Additionally, you can also place scented candles in strategic locations to enjoy both the ambience and aroma. Install LED lights under or around the stairs to add a glow.



Adorn your french windows with long, colorful curtains. A great idea would be to pair your curtains with the accent or hues of your walls. For example, yellow curtains compliment a yellow or beige wall perfectly. Designs like intricate patterns work the best for this occasion.



Carpets are perhaps the most underrated piece of decoration in home interiors. They have a way of adding a luxurious touch to any room. Diwali is the perfect occasion to show off beautiful carpets. We would highly suggest iheavy rugs with intricate details for the entryway or the living room. It will surely make your guests feel special.

Pooja Room

Your Pooja room will be an auspicious place on the day of Dussehra. You can go all out with beautiful LED lights for the background, you can also focus the lights behind the idols to amp up the glow. Elements like plants, marigold wall hangings and long diya stands complete the look.

We hope these interior decorating ideas can give you the inspiration you need to make a statement. Also, we hope that the auspicious occasion of Dussehra brings you joy, happiness and success. Happy Dussehra!

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