Make Your Balcony The Heart Of Your Home With These Interior Ideas

Let us tell you a fact, a lot of us just don’t know what to do with our balconies. Most people only use balconies for reasons like storage or decoration during Diwali. But did you know? With a few simple balcony interior design ideas, you can transform your balcony into a peaceful-cosy seating place or a dining area?

Well, before we get started, let’s first understand WHY and WHAT balconies are made for.

Almost 2000 years ago, balconies were created in Greece for functionality like increasing airflow during hot climates and allowing natural light into the room. Over the years, balconies have had a more aesthetic role to play whilst keeping their functionality the same. Today, you can do so much more with this space, the ideas are never-ending.

Interior Designing Ideas For Balconies



Do you have a small balcony in an apartment complex? Spice it up by adding small wooden cabinets with glass doors on either end of the balcony. Here you can place elements like small planters on top, books placed inside aesthetically, showpieces and more. Finish the look with a cosy chair if you can fit one or else add a small ceiling lamp above the cabinet. Your functional balcony is ready!

Cosy Corner

Make your balcony a cosy corner with a big, comfortable swing and lots of planters. Instead of having a horizontal garden, you can leverage the walls to accommodate multiple small plants and add an aesthetic value while saving space. You can also add pebbles on the floors to make it extra soothing. Complete with some fairy lights and your cosy nook is ready to unwind you after a long day!

Evening Tea 

Love watching the sunset with hot chai? Or do you simply want to enjoy the rain with your loved ones? Well, you can do those on your balcony!

You can opt for a small tea table complete with a small planter on it. The table can be accompanied by two chic wooden chairs and plush cushions followed by big plants on both ends of the balcony.  It’s a simple home Interior design idea but enjoyable nonetheless.

Chill Sessions

Do you love having evening chill sessions with your best mates over a glass of beer and some music? Well then you have an opportunity to amp it up with a wooden deck on the floor, this will increase the height of your balcony and provide a better view of the cityscape. Now add some wooden chairs and a round wooden table along with some colourful lights and plants. Your chic jam space is ready for some fun.

The Bar 

What’s more modern than having a full-blown bar on your balcony? This is the perfect way to unwind at the end of a long day with some wine. Or you can have your friends over for a party with a beautiful bar ready to serve the drinks while overlooking the stars. To achieve this, you can incorporate a long table or a bar island followed by long cabinets on either end of the walls, complete the look with high chairs or stools. Now add some beautiful plants and you’re all set!

Final Thoughts

We hope these balcony interior design ideas gave you the inspiration you were looking for. If you are looking for assistance to design your dream home, then get in touch with our designers at Shree Vidhatte.  As an interior designing company in Mumbai, we offer end-to-end residential interior design services.

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