6 Ways To Design The Perfect Studio Apartment

Studio apartments are the new normal. More and more people are embracing smaller but functional places to save money in a practical manner.

Having a small home doesn’t mean that you can’t decorate it like a normal-sized apartment. Architects and interior designers are always finding newer ways to design studio apartments. In fact, you can put all your creativity and create the palace of your dreams. To help you with just that, we have compiled some interior design ideas for studio apartments. Have a look!

Glass partition

Glass partitions provide a clean and classy finish, they also open up a space and prevent visual clutter. If privacy is not an issue, then maybe you can experiment with glass doors or special sitting corners with glass walls around them. Additionally, you can also install glass walls in your bathroom for a clean but luxurious look.

Multi-level lofts 

If you can’t make use of horizontal space, then turn it into a vertical one! Vertical layouts are getting popular by the day. You can transform your studio by adding vertical stairs and a loft bed on the top. Moreover, the stairs can be converted into storage cupboards. This will keep your space open without compromising essential furniture. You can also accommodate your kitchen and bathroom under the loft bed.

Colour code 

Already have a well-made studio apartment? Then add that extra special touch by colour coordinating your paint. You can either go all crazy with a multi-colour collage or opt for a minimal style with a single colour. You can also mix and match the colour of your furniture with your walls, or choose just two colours to create uniformity.

Have Zones 

If you have a boxed room, why not think of your layout in terms of zones? There can be a small nook for your sofa and seats just at the foot of your bed. You can style your kitchen in the side and leave room to walk without making it look cluttered. Thinking of rooms as zones will allow you to plan a layout efficiently.

Divide Up 

If your studio is small with views of your kitchen and bathroom, then a good option would be to add dividers to zone out spaces. For example, if you want to have privacy around the bed or if you want your bed to be the main focus of your daily life, then how about adding a curtain like a canopy around it to separate the space from others? It’ll be your own private corner.

Additionally, you can incorporate a fancy moving wall between your bed area and the rest of the room. The perk of this is that you can open or close the space as you wish.

Slider Bed

Slider cupboards beds can help you leave a good chunk of your premises clutter-free. These beds are built near the walls with a slider door to open or close the sleeping area. You can easily cover up your bed and get a clean-cut look. This kind of layout is also highly functional and organized as you can extend the slider bed to add cupboards and incorporate storage space.

When you have a small amount of space at hand, creativity is extremely important. You can experiment with layout and unique furniture to save space in your studio apartment and design it to be your special place.

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