At Home Library Interior Ideas For Book Lovers

Avid bibliophiles know that the comfort of a book can never be replaced. Books deserve to be seen rather than stored in the back of cupboards and storage rooms. Personally, we think they deserve a special corner of their own and a home library is a perfect choice for it.

While it’s good to have shelves for display, you can go all out and create the library of your dreams with a few changes in your home interior design. You can create your own cosy corner to curl up with a book or you can go all out and have a luxurious combination of a study/library in your home.

Here are a few tips to help create your dream home library.

Utilize the walls 

Have bare walls in your study? Then maybe you’d want to consider utilizing them by creating ceiling-high long shelves, or by artistically placing small shelves across the room. You can even add photo frames and other types of decorative elements around the shelves. Additionally, it would also be a good idea to incorporate book cabinets of different styles like wooden cabinets, glass or glass shutters. It could have some open or closed shelves.

Modern shelves 

If you want a minimalistic vibe, then the best option would be to opt for modern minimalistic square shelves or modular shelves as they are known. These shelves are functional and add a unique sense of aesthetic to the room. They can be arranged in a creative manner like an interesting pattern. You can also experiment with shapes like hexagons, triangles or circles. What’s more? They can be easily installed and uninstalled as per your preference.

Level up 

Do you want to convert a large room into a library? Then go for a multilevel library layout design. Instead of having one big room with shelves, you can add a layer of flooring in the middle of the room to create a walking space. This will also help you organise books the way you want and add a beautiful classic look to your home.

Add serenity 

One way to bring serenity in your library is by having large french windows to enable both natural light and ventilation. Windows overlooking a beautiful view or landscape in a library will encourage creativity as well as productivity. It will also make your home library the centre of attention.

Cosy corner 

Don’t have space for a big library? Then make a small one!

Cosy corners are quite popular these days, and you can make your own by installing a wall-high bookshelf and adding a comfortable sofa/seat in the nook where you can curl up with hot chocolate and your favourite book. Follow up with a lamp or low lights for evenings and you are all set to relax.

Stairway Library

The best way to make use of stairways is by creating a stairway library. You can create this look by building shelves up the stairs and filling them with your favourite books. Add elements like wall planters or photo frames to enhance the space. Now you can grab your book on your way to the room or down the hall!

When it comes to crafting your dream home, ideas are abundant. However, your home should reflect who you are, and we, are here to help you with that. If you are looking for the best home interior designing companies in Mumbai, then rely on Shree Vidhatte for residential and commercial interior designing.

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