How To Create The Perfect Restaurant Interior?

Restaurants are where people go to wine, dine and make memories. It’s the perfect place to have a good time.

While delicious food is the crux of a restaurant’s USP, aesthetics are equally as important. The interior of the restaurant sets the tone and the environment for your audiences. An eye-catching restaurant attracts people as much as good food.

If you are considering operating a retail restaurant, then here are a few interior tips that can help you get started.

Plan the layout

Your layout is extremely crucial. It sets the base for your overall design and helps define space, especially if you have a small restaurant. A few things you need to keep in mind for your layout are:

  • Keep the bathrooms discreetly away in the back or at the side
  • The size of your kitchen should be bigger than the size of the washroom
  • The kitchen should be placed way in the back
  • It’s a good idea to maximize the space near the windows or the corners
  • Make the most of natural light if possible
  • Design your bathrooms to accommodate a large number of guests

Additionally, consider how you want to put other elements together like tables, bar areas, seating corners, nooks or play areas.

Set the environment

Once you have a layout ready, it’s time to set the environment of the restaurant. Carefully consider your vision for this. Does your restaurant have a theme like a book-reading cafe or a superhero-inspired den? Are you going for a specific ambience or do you just want to create an Instagram-friendly aesthetic concept?

Your vision defines the shape of your environment and it will give you a headstart for choosing decorative elements.

Ventilation And Heating

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning is very important. It’s all about providing comfort to your customers. Ensure that with changing seasons, you are also changing the temperature in your restaurant.

Similarly, there should be ample ventilation to give way to fresh air because kitchens create smoke, heat and smell, therefore it needs proper vents to air out the space. You don’t want your restaurant smelling like a chicken shop.


A well-crafted entrance attracts people like magnets. The more appealing an entrance is, the better are the sales. You can go all out to create a grand or sophisticated entrance to catch eyes and turn heads. A few ideas could be to incorporate a good amount of creeper plants, ambient lighting, colourful tables and chairs and so on. If you have a fun-themed restaurant for kids then things like cartoon statues, play areas and colourful posters could do the trick.


Lighting can make or break the vibe of your restaurant. For example, a fine-dining space can make the most of subdued lights to create a relaxing atmosphere, but a pizzeria can amp up the place by adding cool neon lights everywhere. The way you place your lights and the kind of lights you choose is also important, backlighting walls and mirrors give a luxurious vibe whereas having disco lights can reflect fun and cheerfulness.



Don’t forget the restroom. Visiting a restroom should be a pleasant experience for your customers. Ensure that your restrooms are well made and easy to clean. Equip them with ample ambient lighting, aromatic diffusers and music to give them a good feel.

Ending Note

We really hope that these tips will help you get a headstart in crafting your dream restaurant business. Now that you know how to plan, implementing ideas will probably be a challenge. Let the designers at Shree Vidhatte help you make the most of your vision. We are commercial interior designers in Mumbai with experience of over 25 years in the industry. Get in touch!

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