Rustomjee 2805

Location: Kalwa
Client: Rustomjee 2805
Category: Residential

Shree Vidhatte’s best interior designer in Thane came up with a light, airy and modern living set-up that goes well with the couples’s love for white and colourful aesthetics. Our interior designer followed a modern theme that interacts with basic principles of design and colour combination. We opted with an open, unsegregated interior plan to keep maximum area open and uncluttered as for space constraints in size of Living room. Colours added in sofa fabrics and curtains to add warmth to the entire seating area. It has a veneer finish safety door and main door that hallmarks the earthy, modern interiors of the house.

Ditching the common rectangular ceiling in both the bedrooms creative shaped false ceiling was created. Customized princess theme laminated door for kids bedroom successfully demarketed the territory of the toddler in the flat. Shade of pink – favourite of colour of their daughter was chosen to adorn the bed and study table. Bed was intended to be multipurpose, where also space for keeping toys and story book was created.