Interior Design Ideas for Living Room

Where can I find Ideas to Design my Living Room?

When looking for leading Interior designers in Mumbai, look no further to get the best living room design ideas for your house, Shree Vidhatte is the perfect place to be. When preparing interior design ideas for living rooms we have specific processes and a flow that we follow. Starting with a plan and not from pillows, which means we always pre-decide the plan and theme for space and then towards making buying decisions. Understanding the scope of the space, scope, and positions for art pieces, types of couches required, and deciding which trend matches best to your house are some of the things we ensure are incorporated when designing your living room.

Defining a room with rugs, using a stylish and functional table, comfort levels, and uplifting the living room with colors are important factors that add character and personality to space. We understand the significance a living room holds in your house and that a functional and aesthetic living room can be the center of attraction as well as your favorite space in the house.

Hence we can confidently say that when looking for interior design ideas for living rooms, come straight to Shree Vidhatte.

Design approach by Shree Vidhatte

More often than not living rooms are the biggest and a bit challenging spaces to design in a home. Given the fact that they set the theme for the decor of the whole house, are mostly the first thing one sees when entering a home and need to incorporate signature furnishings and items, the design approach at Shree Vidhatte is created keeping in mind the significance of all these details.

As one of the leading interior designers in Mumbai, we ensure that the living room design is a perfect reflection of your tastes, personality, and experiences while prioritizing functionality. As experts in living room design, we understand that every element in the living room holds specific importance and is placed after utmost thought. Its proximity to the rooms and kitchen, the seating areas to be created and the tables everything is accounted for and installed only to add value to the living room.

What are some of the most popular living room decorating ideas?

Multipurpose Furniture

When your living room too serves as your domestic office, possibly a study environment for kids, a gym, a space to entertain guests, and creative storage furniture that multiplies as —or triple—duty is key. “Multi-purposed furniture may be a developing drift since as we proceed into quarantine and lockdown days, we are all re-examining how we utilize our living spaces,” says originator Rasheeda Gray. “We require spaces that are adaptable and can accommodate work when needed.” Interior design ideas for living room are constantly updating themselves to fit the needs of the ‘new normal.

Natural Elements/Home Eco-Systems

It has growingly become a trend in living room design ideas, wherein people are creating small ecosystems at home with potted plants, flowers, and natural elements that keep the air fresh as well as add a very comfortable and soothing vibe to the room. It is the perfect crossover between the outside and the inside, and as living room interior designers we are all aboard this nature train. Incorporation of maximum natural light and layering the light and using it for space’s advantages can really dictate the look and feel of a room.

Travel Inspired Decor

With so much time spent indoor, living room interior designers have started to transform living rooms into travel journals, by using art pieces, fabrics, patterns, and fabrics from different regions of the world. Creating a small corner that looks like your favorite destination, statement art pieces picked up on travels, as well as collecting different parts of the world in items and decor is a trend we have been loving too.

Our interior design ideas for your living room will reflect your passion for travelling.


It’s not a new trend for living room design ideas, but is turning out to be an evergreen one. The shift from paints to wallpaper started a while back and is set on top of the charts with its growing demand. The ease of installation and repair wear tear, and the endless variety and customizations available have kept wallpapers in high demand over the years and counting.

Creating a wall that matches your house decor theme and customizing a design that perfectly fits your taste is the main attraction when it comes to wallpaper designs and demand.

If you are seeking the assistance of living room interior designers, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with Shree Vidhatte.

Interior Design Ideas for Living Room

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