Best For Shower Stalls For Modern Homes

Modern homes focus on intricate details present in any space. This is also true for modern bathrooms. While bathtubs have been all the hype this season, there is one important element that needs equal amounts of attention- shower stalls.

Shower stalls today have it all- from walk in space to spa seating space to high-end technology. As trends go by, shower stalls are becoming more functional in order to provide vanity to the user. If you are planning to redesign or remodel your bathroom, then here are some modern shower design ideas that you can take inspiration from.

Shower Stall Ideas For Modern Homes

Doorless Showers

As popular as glass doors are, doorless shower stalls are now becoming the talk of the town. These stalls with white tiles or white coloured background make the space look bigger and better. What’s more? You save budget on door installation.

Subway Tiles

Subway tiles have great aesthetic value. What started off as the New York White Subway tiles trend in the 1900s, is now a timeless idea. These tiles are available in a plethora of colours and materials. They are a great option to reflect simplicity and cleanliness. They also make your bathrooms look classy.

Separate Walk-In Shower

If you don’t have to worry about saving space then a walk-in shower will seamlessly fit in your bathroom interior. Separate walk-in showers are made away from the rest of the bathroom areas and have a dedicated luxurious space to make bathing a relaxing experience. These bathrooms are usually spacious with a dedicated seating space, shelves and shower.

Marble Stone Grandeur

Marble shower stalls add a sense of grandeur to bathrooms. There is a raw, earthy feel in matte finished marble tiles that evoke a medieval nostalgia. By just adding these stones to your walls, you can create a grand luxurious look. We would highly recommend neutral tones like white, grey or beige for this interior type.

Spa Inspired Walk-In Shower

These shower designs are in a league of their own. All you need to create your very own spa is one big shower head and multiple small wall showers. Add neutral colours like white or beige tiles clubbed with ample light, a seating space, candles and you’re all set to unwind.

Shower And Tub Combos

The best way to save space? Have a shower and tub combination. As far as modern bathroom shower ideas go, this solution is perfect for those who don’t want to let go of either amenity. You can incorporate this combination in a hundred different creative ways. It will make your bathroom compact and save unnecessary space.


When it comes to interior designing, the sky’s the limit. You can consider your bathroom an empty canvas and fill it with elements of your desire. After all, bathrooms are where you relax and feel comfortable, so it’s best to create it the way you want.

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