Trendy Modular Kitchen Design Ideas for Small Kitchens

Modular kitchens are a big investment. The best thing about modular kitchens is that they can be easily installed as per convenience. Apart from that, these kitchens are known for their beautiful and simplistic designs. You get the best of convenience and aesthetics in a single package.

Sounds great right?

Well it isn’t really that simple. Finding the perfect design that fits your kitchen requirements could be a task, especially if you have a small space. These kitchens come in various sizes, shapes, colours and cabinet designs. You need a design that best suits both your interior’s taste as well as be functional in use. So we’re here to help you with inspiration for the same.

Here are some trendy modular kitchen design ideas for small kitchens.

Open Shelves 

Why use cabinets when you can use open shelves to show off elegant crockery? Open shelves are minimal and they’re equally functional. Beautiful rack spaces and wooden shelves can give your kitchen a homely look. This will also help you reach important kitchenware and dishes easily.

Small Cabinets 

Don’t want to trade cabinets for open shelves? Then a good idea would be to opt for smaller cabinets to store goods as well as bring that aesthetic value on the table. Small cabinets are chic and pretty, they can make your kitchen look compact and well put together. Small modular kitchen cabinets are also easy to install and transport when needed.

Vertical Space 

Don’t have abundant horizontal space like most of us in India? Then leverage on vertical space a.k.a the walls and ceilings. Stretching cabinets all the way to the ceiling gives you extra storage space for the oven, microwave, wicker basket, etc, as well as streamlines your kitchen to look more modern. Giving these cabinets neutral themes will make them extremely elegant and chic.


Polished spaces create an illusion of having ample space. Materials like glass, mirrors, polished marble and glassy floors create a never-ending illusion of a spacious place. Similarly, acrylic, both polished and matte give your kitchen a modern look. You can also play with laminate to give that extra shine to a complete look.

Complimenting Hues

Complementary colour schemes make your kitchen look well-put together. A good idea would be to opt for white modular kitchen design with a neutral themed wall. The idea is to have uniformity with multiple colours. Such themes give your space an elegant look.

Final Thoughts

We hope these ideas can give you a heartstart for your next kitchen remodelling. Living in apartments doesn’t allow creative freedom, hence making the most of an existing space is crucial for interior designing. Hence, modular kitchens make work easy and they add a desirable aesthetic to the overall look.

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