Top 2021 Interior Trends To Keep An Eye On

Interior trends are dynamic, they change at a very fast pace. What was IN last year may be OLD this year. Designs change overtime but spaces don’t, hence one needs to make the most of a space in a productive way.

That’s why if you are looking for interior ideas to transform your home, you may want to look at the below trends to find inspiration.

Ethnicity Makes A Statement

As appealing as modern designs are, Indian traditional designs will never get out of fashion.  Elements like embroidered rugs and beddings, Warli paintings, wooden showpieces and furniture add an ethnic glow to any space.

Combine With Nature

Nurture nature in your home. The benefits of adding plants have been scientifically proven. Plants can have a huge impact on mood, they curb stress, provide oxygen and keep your home smelling fresh. Plants like snake plant, money plant, succulents, bonsai etc. are perfect for both aesthetics and functionality.

Pantone Colours 

Pantone has declared two colours for 2021. Ultimate Grey and Illuminating Yellow are two of the most popular colours in 2021 and designers are not hesitating to experiment with them. A combination of grey and yellow both can add contrasting starkness to any space. You can finish the look with complimenting elements.

Light Coloured Wood 

While dark woods bring a sense of boldness, light woods match with neutral tones to create calmness. You can have beige wooden flooring or walls here and there. Living rooms are the best spaces for this material. Just ensure that you have plenty of light to help it stand out.

Technology Matters

Technology has become a big part of our world. The same can be said for household automation. Smart technology is highly appealing especially for millennials as they are one of the biggest buyers of tech like dishwashers, AI enabled kitchen appliances and voice command. Combining tech with interior is a game changing trend.

Sustainability Is IN

Earthy tones and sustainable materials are becoming the first choice amongst young buyers. Sustainable interior materials are not just aesthetically pleasing but also functional. Therefore things like recyclable materials, earthy colour tones, plants, bamboo, natural stones, reclaimed wood etc are some of the best eco-friendly choices you can opt for.

So, now that you know some of the hottest and top interior design trends of 2021, which one are you most likely to try? You can write to us anytime for help!

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